Insta360 Mavic Pro Series Bundle for ONE X

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The Insta360 Mavic Series Bundle for ONE X and ONE is designed for the Mavic Pro DJI drones.

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The Insta360 Mavic Pro Series Bundle for ONE X and ONE is designed for the Mavic Pro DJI drones. 



Use of Mavic Top Mount will weaken the drone's GPS signal. Before take-off, please check GPS signal strength. If the GPS signal is weak, please only fly within visible range
Please take note that the use of the Mavic Hang Mount may interfere with the drone's downward vision system. Please turn off the downward vision system before using Mavic Hang Mount
Please do not use this accessory in unsafe or inappropriate environments. Strong winds and erratic flight manoeuvres can cause a pendulum effect that may damage the drone.



Insta360 ONE X + Mavic Pro
Insta360 ONE X + Mavic Pro Platinum

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Mavic Pro top mount × 1
Mavic Pro hang mount × 1

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