Ednet Office Cleaning Wipes - 100 Pack

SKU: DC2021
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  • Removes smudges, dirt, dust and fingerprints without scratching or leaving any residue behind

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  • Special cleaning cloths for TFT screens, laptops and flat bed scanner screens; also suitable for use on PDA and LCD screens, screen-free filters and all treated and untreated glass surfaces eg. mirrors, microfilm reading screens, OHP screens and lenses as well as for all plastic and painted metal surfaces.

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  • Removes dust and dirt and provides streak free cleaning, rapid self -drying
    - The liquid contains no alcohol (not flammable) and is free of Methanol
    - Can cause allergic reactions
    - Contains Non-ionic surfactant <5%
    - Made in EU

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  • Barcode: 45021
  • UPC Barcode: 4054007630018
  • Supplier Code: DC2021
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