Ednet Power Cleaner High Pressure Sprayduster 400ml

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  • The ednet Power Cleaner is a powerful aerosol spray for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas of keyboards, printers, scanners, copiers, optical drives, etc. You can reach every well-hidden bit of dirt and dust with the included extension tube. The spray intensity can be adjusted according to your needs, helping you effectively clean every computer accessory.

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  • The ednet Power Duster is suitable for cleaning from inaccessible areas in EDV and office devices e.g. computer keys, printers, CD-ROMs, disk drives, copiers, fax etc. Due to increased pressure dust particle or other dirt will be removed more effective, Includes spray tube, Variable Spray Intensity, Eco-friendly, contains no CFC or HCFC, Made in EU 400ML

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  • 400-ml can of compressed air for cleaning, including extension tube
    - Adjustable spray intensity
    - 4 bar at 23 °C
    - Environmentally-friendly and CFC-free
    - Made in EU

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  • Barcode: 45019
  • UPC Barcode: 4054007630179
  • Supplier Code: DC2007
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