Kupo GT-250B Black Gaffer Tape 25mm x 50m

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  • 25mm x 50m
  • Unlimited applications

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The Kupo 25mm x 50m Black Gaffer Tape with a black finish is a strong, cloth-based tape that adheres strongly to surfaces but can also be removed cleanly due to its synthetic adhesive. The Gaffer tape is indispensible in production because of the variety of tasks it handles, from securing cables to the ground, to creating V-flats from 2 sheets of foamcore by joining them together, to securing light fixtures in a pinch, to covering the soles of shoes worn by models so that the pathway stays clean when walked upon, to marking distances on follow focus units, etc. The Gaffer Tape is named after the head of a cine lighting department and its applications can be unlimited.

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