• Sachtler 2580 SYSTEM 25 PLUS Combi Pedestal System
  • Sachtler 2580 SYSTEM 25 PLUS Combi Pedestal System
  • Sachtler 2580 SYSTEM 25 PLUS Combi Pedestal System

Sachtler 2580 SYSTEM 25 PLUS Combi Pedestal System

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  • Combi Pedestal
  • System 25 Plus Head
  • Touch & go quick release
  • Dynamic counterbalancing system,
  • Frictionless leak proof fluid damping

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The Sachtler 2580 SYSTEM 25 PLUS Combi Pedestal System is designed with today's camera person using HTDV and Widescreen cameras in mind. The System 25P Pedestal system consists of the, Video 25 Plus fluid head with its seven step, temperature-independent damping system. This head is matched with the Combi compact pedestal for a complete package.

Video 25 Plus Fluid Head

Frictionless Leak Proof Fluid Damping

Frictionless leak proof fluid damping with seven levels of drag, for perfect pictures while panning, without jerks and vibrations. Identical across both horizontal and vertical planes, and allows complete disengagement of drag for fast panning.

Quick Release

Touch & Go Quick Release / Automatic Locking System, for quick set up without having to bother screwing the camera to head and then having to unscrew it again. Also features a safety lock lever that prevents inadvertent disengagement of the camera latch.

Sliding Balance Plate

Sliding camera mount and plate with a 4.4-inch sliding range, makes a fast balancing system for the camera and ensures perfect balance across the horizontal plane.

Dynamic Counterbalancing System

The 18 Step dynamic counterbalancing system, with 9-stage fine-tuning in half steps compensates for torques as the camera tilts. This prevents the camera from inadvertently tipping, and ensures that it is positioned securely at any tilt angle. These features can be activated and deactivated individually.

Combi Pedestal System

Air Pressurized Pneumatic Column

The pedestal is anchored by a pneumatic column. The system works on the principle of compressed air, which acts as a counterweight and allows for quick height adjustments.

Easily Transportable

When in its folded position, the unit can easily be carried by one person, making this pedestal truly a "go-anywhere" piece of equipment no camera operator should be without.

Steering Ring

Crab and steer movement is achieved by using the provided detachable Steering Ring. Toggle between one and three wheel controls with ease.

Wheel Overload System

Each wheel case has an overload protection mechanism, realigning the wheels again after just half a turn of the steering wheel. All bearings and guides are maintenance-free.
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  • General  
    Load Capacity 11-77.2 lbs (8-35kg)
    Trim Ring No
    Bowl Diameter/Thread Sachtler/Vinten Flat Base Fitting
    Steering Ring Diameter 6" (150mm)
    Minimum Height 34.3" (87cm)
    Maximum Height 68.1" (173cm)
    Leveling Bubble/Illuminated Yes / Illuminated
    Weight 59.1 lbs (26.8kg)
    Balance Plate Yes, 4.4" Sliding Range
    Tilt Drag Yes
    Tilt Range +90° to -75°
    Tilt Lock Yes
    Spring Loaded Counter Balance 8 steps, 0 to 7
    Pan Range 360°
    Pan Lock Yes
    Doorway Width 35.8 (91cm)
    Wheel Diameter 6" (154mm)
    Wheel Lock Yes
    Cable Guards Yes
    Weight 59.1 lbs (26.8kg)
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  • Sachtler 2580 SYSTEM 25 PLUS Combi Pedestal System
  • Video 25 Plus Fluid Head
  • Combi Pedestal
  • Right Telescopic Pan Bar
  • Left Telescopic Pan Bar
  • Quick Release / Wedge Plate
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty, Extendable to 2-Years with Product Registration
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  • Barcode: 45771
  • UPC Barcode: 5060520683027
  • Supplier Code: ST-2580
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