Sachtler 4191 Pedestal C I System (Flat Base) with Dolly 75

SKU: ST-4191
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  • Payload capacity of up to 20 kg
  • Pneumatic column
  • Light as a tripod but stable as a pedestal

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  • The Sachtler Pedestal C I System might look like a traditional tripod upon initial inspection, but this is far from the fact. With a patented pneumatic column designed to be adjusted to the exact weight of a given camera, lens and prompter configuration, your camera will literally be floating on air. Combined with the Dolly 75, this system is as light as a tripod while being as stable and versatile as a pedestal.

    Payload Capacity

    The Pedestal C I can carry a payload of up to 44 lb (20 kg), over twice its own weight

    Pneumatic Column

    The pedestal is anchored by a pneumatic column. The system works on the principle of compressed air, which acts as a counterweight and shock absorber, allowing seamless adjustments during a shot.
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  • General  
    Load Capacity 44.1 lb (20 kg)
    Trim Ring No
    Bowl Diameter/Thread 100 mm
    Steering Ring Diameter 5.6" (142.2 mm)
    Folded/Transport Length Not Specified By Manufacturer
    Minimum Height 26.8" (68 cm)
    Maximum Height 61.8" (157 cm)
    Weight 20.3 lb (9.2 kg)
    Stages 1
    On-Shot Stroke 15.4" (39 cm)
    Doorway Tracking Width 32" (81 cm)
    Transit Doorway Width No
    Narrow Doorway Width Not Applicable
    Wheel Diameter 4" (10.1 cm)
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  • Sachtler 4191 Pedestal C I System (Flat Base) with Dolly 75
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty, Extendable to 2-Years with Product Registration
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  • Barcode: 45727
  • UPC Barcode: 5060312081246
  • Supplier Code: ST-4191
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