Sachtler 7007 Mid-Level Tripod Spreader

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Product Features
  • Rapid setup and pull down
  • Allows shooting on uneven surfaces
  • Telescopic arms
  • Attaches to centre bracket of Tripod
  • Fits all 100mm, 150mm bowl (except short tripods)

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This Mid-Level Spreader from Sachtler fits all 100 and 150mm bowls (except for short tripods), OB-2000M, Cine 2000, and Cine 2000 medium tripods. It is used when shooting on uneven surfaces such as steps, rocky ground, or slopes. It allows for rapid setup and pull-down by keeping tripod legs at an equal or preset distance relative to each other. It attaches to the center bracket of a tripod and its arms are telescopic to allow for extension of a tripod leg without detaching the spreader.

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Sachtler 7007 Specs

Construction Aluminum
Type Mid-Level
Adjustable Yes, 4 Steps
Minimum Length 11.0" / 27.9 cm
Maximum Length 18.1" / 45.9 cm
Weight 1.7 lb / 771.1 g
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  • Barcode: 45698
  • UPC Barcode: 5060312080683
  • Supplier Code: ST-7007
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