Tilta Eyepiece Leveler Assembly Kit

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  • Comfortably Adjust your EVF
  • Eyepiece Leveling Bracket
  • 12.5 to 28.9" Telescoping Leveling Rod
  • Eyepiece EVF Extension

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Adjust the location of your EVF safely and comfortably with this Eyepiece Leveler Assembly Kit from Tilta. The kit is comprised of three pieces: a leveling bracket, a telescoping leveling rod, and an eyepiece extension.

The leveling bracket forms the base of the assembly and attaches to select tripod heads. The leveling rod attaches to the bracket and can telescope from 12.5 to 28.9" to find the right height for the EVF. It can be rotated on each end for fine adjustments. The EVF extension attaches to the end of the rod then to your camera, and it provides support for an ARRI or Sony VENICE eyepiece.

Tilta Eyepiece Leveling Bracket for Heads

The Eyepiece Leveler Bracket from Tilta supports a separately available eyepiece leveler. This two-piece, aluminum alloy bracket links the leveler to select pro-style tripod heads.

UPC: 709016606045

Tilta Eyepiece EVF Leveling Rod

The Tilta Eyepiece EVF Leveling Rod Is a telescoping eyepiece support that extends from 12.5 to 28.9" in length. It features spring-loaded locking levers that enable you to set the height of the eyepiece (not included) for your comfort. The rod features a freely articulating dovetail foot that engages your EVF extension (not included) and a swivel mount where you attach it to your tripod head. This enables you to set the height and position of your EVF and have it maintain that position as you tilt your camera forward and back. This can help you create smooth and decisive camera moves as you don't have to chase the eyepiece as the camera changes orientation.

Tilta Eyepiece EVF Extension for ARRI and Sony VENICE

The Tilta Eyepiece EVF Extension for ARRI and Sony VENICE is a lightweight extension arm that mounts on your camera and provides you with an extension to attach your ARRI or Sony VENICE eyepiece, moving it towards the back of your camera. This allows you to operate your camera through the EVF without the necessity of being hunched over your camera. The extension features 4" of extension, which makes it well suited for shooting when your camera is mounted on a tripod.

A flip-out lever arm allows you to rest the extension on your camera when not attached to the leveling rod (not included). The EVF mount features a friction mount that allows your EVF to tilt with just the pressure of your face, or you can lock it in one place so that it does not rotate. The EVF extension mounts on your camera and a built-in swiveling dovetail shoe accepts the dovetail foot of the leveling rod (not included).

No tools required
Extends from 8 to 12"
Enables adjusting the tilt angle of an attached EVF (not included) without having to loosen or tighten the friction knob to make adjustments
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Tilta Eyepiece Leveling Bracket For Heads Specs

Construction Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions and Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer

Tilta Eyepiece EVF Leveling Rod Specs

Mounting Tripod Head: Swivel Joint with Threaded Screw
EVF Extension: Freely Articulating Dovetail Foot
Length 12.5 to 28.88" / 31.75 to 73.34 cm
Weight 5.1 oz / 145.2 g
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  • Leveling Bracket Foot
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
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  • Barcode: 49271
  • UPC Barcode: 636946280512
  • Supplier Code: LEV-01-K
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