Westcott Flex 1' x 1' Bi-Color 2-Light Cine Studio Kit

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  • 2x Flex Bi-Color LED Mats (1 x 1')
  • 2x 16' Dimmer Extension Cables
  • Scrim Jim Cine Framework for 2 Frames
  • 2x Portable Softboxes
  • 2x Universal Studs
  • 2x Dual-Socket Magic Arms
  • 2x Compact Light Stands
  • 2x Cable Wraps
  • Flex Wheeled Travel Case


Comprising the essential components needed to create a dual-light setup for studio lighting applications, the 1 x 1' Flex Bi-Color LED Mat 2-Light Cine Studio Kit from Westcott includes two of their unique moldable, bendable light sources, Scrim Jim Cine framework to build two 1 x 1' frames, and two dedicated portable softboxes, as well as mounting hardware and two stands for positioning the lights. Additionally, a dedicated hard case is also included to protect the kit during travel or storage.

The Flex Bi-Color LED Mat features a unique construction, measuring just 0.25" thick, that is bendable for molding into arcs or other shapes for unique lighting effects. It features a high CRI of 95-98, has an adjustable color temperature range from 2800-6000K, and is also IP64-rated for use in inclement conditions. An external dimmer is included with each light, permitting 0-100% control, and each LED can be powered via 100-240 VAC or via an optional lithium-ion battery pack.

While the Flex Mats are unique in how they can bend, they are also ideal for pairing with the included Scrim Jim Cine frames. Each LED mat can attach to a frame using the integrated touch fasteners, and the included full-stop diffusers can also connect with each frame to effectively produce an LED panel. Integrated 3/8"-16 mounts on the frame tubes pair with the included hardware for mounting atop the light stands.

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