• Westcott Rapid Box Beauty Dish 24" - Profoto
  • Westcott Rapid Box Beauty Dish 24" - Profoto

Westcott Rapid Box Beauty Dish 24" - Profoto

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  • Collapsible Design
  • Parabolic Shape with 16 Panels
  • White Interior
  • Removable Diffusion Panel and Deflector
  • Built-In Profoto Speed Ring
  • Heat-Rated for 650W Strobes
  • Includes Travel Case

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The 24" Rapid Box Beauty Dish from Westcott is a versatile and portable light modifier featuring a built-in speed ring for Profoto flash heads. This modifier blends a deep parabolic shape with a beauty dish design to produce a soft, yet crisp quality of light; well-suited to striking and dynamic portraiture. The removable deflector helps to prevent hot spots and a one-stop diffusion panel is also included to further soften the overall light output. The white interior produces clean, natural colors and the soft material is heat-rated for strobes and continuous monolights up to 650W. Distinguishing this Rapid Box from other light modifiers is its unique collapsible design that makes it easy to carry when stored in the included soft travel case.

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Shape: circular, parabolic 
Product dimensions: 24" / 61 cm diameter
Removable front face: yes
Removable interior baffle: no
Requires ring speed: no, built in


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  • Westcott Rapid Box Beauty Dish (24", for Profoto)
  • Diffusion Panel
  • Deflector Plate
  • Travel Case
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  • Barcode: 27667
  • UPC Barcode: 817967046237
  • Supplier Code: WC-1454
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