• Godox SB-BW-80120 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Godox SB-BW-80120 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Key Features: A soft box is a perfect addition for the photographic studio utilizes continuous or flash lighting The large size of the softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography portraits and medium to large sized product shotss and medium to...

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  • Godox SB-BW 95cm Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Godox SB-BW 95cm Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    The Godox SB-BW-95 Softbox (Bowens Mount) fits right in any studio. The softbox diffuses the strobe flash giving you the perfect lighting.With Standard size Bowens speed mounts, this hiqh quality softbox fits right in any studio.Skin tones come...

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  • Godox SB-BW-120 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Godox SB-BW-120 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Product Highlights This is the perfect addition to your studio and strobes. Softbox diffuses the strobe flash giving you that perfect even lighting you need for the best shots possible. Skin tones come to life and blemishes fade away. Colors pop and...

  • Godox SB-BW-70100 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Godox SB-BW-70100 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Product Highlights Softbox Godox 70x100cm with Bowens mount adapter. It is mounted with 4 rods and easy transport. Silver interior which allows greater efficiency of light output. High quality diffuser fabric that softens the flash of the flash allowing...

  • Godox SB-BW 60x90cm Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Godox SB-BW 60x90cm Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Product Highlights Easy to disassemble, easy to fold, and easy to carry, ideal for studio or outdoor mobile photography. The soft box is black outside and silver inside with even coating, high reflection. Product HighlightsEasy to disassemble, easy to...

  • Godox SB-BW-6060 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Godox SB-BW-6060 Softbox (Bowens Mount)

    Product Highlights The Speedring is suitable for Broncolor Pulso compatible monolights including Compuls, Flashman, Pulso, Primo Twin, Plus Size: 24"x24" / 60x60cm Fabric Spec: Pro Heat-resistant, reflective with light-tight black backing. Diffusive...