How to express sadness with NANLITE lights?

How to express sadness with NANLITE lights?

15th Apr 2020

Have you ever wonder how do the pros set up the lighting to give that cinematic look?

This video from Nanlite gives you the step by step tutorial on how to express "sadness" with their products.


The overall lighting set up:


Light up the key light on the right side.

  • Use the Forza 500 with the dedicated Fresnel lens as the key light.
  • Set up the black flag to cover the background and make it dark.
  • The barndoor is used to cut off the extra light.
  • CTO is set in front of the Forza 500 to simulate the warm light in the room.

Light up the fill light on the left side.

  • Put the Pavotube on the right side is used as the fill light for the model, and adjust the color temperature with the key light synchronization.

Light up the fill light on the left backside

  • Use the MixPanel 150 to create the blue hue and make a contrast of cold and warm light.
  • Use the black flag to suppress the background and increase the lighting ratios.

Final step

  • set up the MixPanel 60 to simulate the TV ’s light effect directly in front of the character. 
  • In this special mode, you can create any "TV" by adjusting color temperature, red-green balance, flash, and brightness.
15th Apr 2020