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Photogear’s vision has always been to provide professional and amateur photographers and videographers alike with the best and latest gear at reasonable prices, and to stock the largest range of products. Photogear also strives to keep New Zealand photographers and videographers at the forefront of technological advances, and continues to live up to its own high standards.

Professional Service

Since 2005, Photogear has been supplying photographers and videographers with all their photographic gear needs. Photogear supplies its customers with all the top brands like Atomos, DJI,GoPro, Lowepro, Manfrotto, Nikon, Pelican, Rode, Sennheiser, Tilta, Sirui, Avenger and more and supplies all photographic equipment from cameras, to lenses, filters, bags, lighting kits, tripods, sliders, gimbals and rigs. The Photogear team provides advice for any photographic queries, and will be able to assist knowledgeable professionals in buying the best equipment or dealing with technical problems, as well as helping enthusiasts decide on their first purchase. We also offer advice and professional equipment tailored to the cinematography and video production industry.

Photographic Community

Photogear actively supports local photographers, videographers and clubs and constantly tries to create a connected community experience. Photogear’s blog and newsletter allows us to educate our customers about photography and videography and keep them up to date with new gear arrivals, exciting giveaways and technological advances.

Photogear Rental

If you are looking to hire gear, Photogear Rental will definitely be able to assist. From Camera gear to Gimbal gear to Drones with or without operators Photogear can supply all your Productions equipment and skilled professionals. Our "Rent to buy" option is a great way to test out new gear before investing, if you decide you really like a piece of equipment we remove your rental costs from your purchase price.

Photogear Studio

Our 10 x 8 meter rental studio has drive-in access with an 8x6m seamless cyclorama shooting space and a unique 5 x 1.5 meter ceiling softbox. Furthermore, we bring ground breaking new technology into our studio. Some of our studio strobes have sync speed up to 1/8000s. Some others have flash duration as short as 1/16000s. With free off street parking and close proximity to the Northern Motorway and only 20minutes from Auckland CBD we are a great option for your studio needs. 

Our Showroom

Our showroom is located on the North Shore, Auckland. We are only 20 minutes away from Auckland CBD and 3 minutes away from the motorway.  We open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. You can do to the Contact Us page to see more details. 

If you have an urgent job, need something last minute or require urgent technical support, please give us a call and we can arrange after hour visit too.

Our One-Stop Online Photography and Videography Store is available to serve you anywhere and anytime. You can also reach us on our Photogear Facebook Page