Kupo KCP-200 2-1/2" Grip Head With Big Handle (Chrome-Plated Finish)

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  • Aluminum & Steel
  • Four V-Shaped Jaws
  • Handle With Roller Bearings
  • Non-Slip Aluminum Friction Disc

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The 2-1/2" Grip Head With Big Handle from Kupo has four V-shaped jaws, an ergonomic oversized T-shaped handle with dedicated roller bearings for maximum torque, and a non-slip aluminum friction disc. This durable grip head is made of aluminum and steel and has a chrome-plated finish.

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Construction Aluminum and steel
Dimensions (LxWxH) 18.73 x 9.96 x 7.08 cm
Weight 0.78 kg
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  • Barcode: 27951
  • UPC Barcode: 6954016521612
  • Supplier Code: KCP-200
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