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    • Thin frame
    • Pictures without vignette
    • Maximise lens performance

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The ideal light volume reduction filter for digital shooting. With the DHG Light Control-8 you can shoot 3-steps slowly by the aperture value and represent pictures with"Streaming". Color reproduction will be hardly influenced. Its very thin frame does enable you to take pictures without vignette, also with super wide-angle lenses.

DIGITAL CAMERA'S CCD and CMOS convert the lights into electric signals. This is the reason why lens' inner reflection, flare, ghost and some other phenomenon rise and result in interior quality of picture, consequently. The DHG series can minimize these phenomenon and maximize the performance of your lens.

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  • Marumi DHG Light Control 8 x 55mm ND8 Filter

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  • Barcode: 44638
  • UPC Barcode: 4957638079099
  • Supplier Code: MND8X58DHG
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