Sennheiser AVX Camera-Mountable Handheld Wireless Set

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  • EKP XLR Receiver
  • AVX-835 Handheld Mic Transmitter
  • Plug and Record Functionality
  • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Receiver Switches On/Off Via 48V
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Metal Housing

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Designed for plug and record operation with fully self-configuring digital operation, the AVX Camera-Mountable Digital Handheld Wireless Microphone Set from Sennheiser is well suited for film and video production, as well as electronic news gathering (ENG) and A/V rental houses. The system consists of their EKP receiver and AVX-835 handheld microphone transmitter. The AVX system provides a variety of automatic functionality aimed at flexibility and speed including auto-dynamic range settings, which automatically adjusts the audio level to a recording device's input sensitivity, reducing distortion and eliminating the need to adjust your mic's level. The system also offers link protection, a feature that quickly scans available frequencies and will automatically switch before any interference becomes audible.

The EKP receiver has a compact design that plugs directly into the XLR input on your camera or recording device and includes the necessary adapters for use with DSLR cameras. It powers on and off automatically when it senses 48V from your recording destination, for fast recording and saving battery life when not in use. The receiver also detects your recording input's sensitivity level and adjusts automatically, reducing distortion and eliminating the need to adjust your mic's level. The AVX-835 adapts Sennheiser's popular 835 handheld mic for use with the EKP receiver.

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