Sunwayfoto Panoramic Head, DYH-66i, DDP-64M, DDY-64i, DPG-2416, DMC-200, DDH-05N, DDY-58, DMP-200R, DPL-01/02/03/04R

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Key Features:

  • The DDY-58 Discal Clamp is precision CNC machined

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The SunwayFoto PANO-1 Panoramic Head Kit consists of eight items. They are DYH-66i Leveling Base, DDP-64S Indexing Rotator, DDY-64i Discal Clamp, DPG-2416 Multi-Purpose Rails, DMP-200L Nodal Slide, DDH-03 Panning Clamp, DDY-58 Discal Clamp and DMC-200L Vertical Clamp. Designed for supporting up to 66 lb, the DYH-66i Leveling Base features exceptionally robust construction and a convenient offset bubble level. It is CNC-machined from aluminum alloy stock and anodized for a low-maintenance, durable finish.

The SunwayFoto DDP-64S Indexing Rotator has 4 different selectable click options - 18, 30, 45 and 90ø. This rotator also has 64mm footprint (diameter) and is best suited for ultra wide fisheye lenses when capturing full 360 x 180ø spherical or HDR panoramas. Combining CNC machined aircraft aluminum parts, with a compact and durable design, the DDP-64S also provides for very precise, fluid rotation required of professional photographers. You can also change click stops on-the-fly, which is ideal in time-sensitive situations when shooting must be completed quickly. These include shooting high resolution multi-image mosaics or shooting the same scene at different focal lengths.

The DDY-64i Discal Clamp fits all Arca-Swiss standard quick-release plates. It can be mounted onto a ballhead with a Metric 6 flat head screw or a 3/8" threaded post. The DPG-2416 Multi-Purpose Rail can be used for up to medium-format sized cameras. Providing a larger scale back/front shifting adjustment, this rail reduces the frequency of tripod movement for a smooth workflow. This 240mm long rail incorporates a high-contrast bubble level. Moreover, the laser-engraved reference scale has 1mm increments on both sides. This allows photographers to make fine adjustment with precision-geared movement.

The DDY-58 Discal Clamp is precision CNC machined. Thanks to the integral screw-knob, this clamp can be attached to all Arca-Swiss standard quick-release plates. It can be mounted onto a ballhead via a Metric 6 flat head screw or onto a 3/8" threaded post.

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SunwayFoto PANO-1 Specifications

DYH-66i: Load Capacity
22 lb (10 kg)
DYH-66i: Quick Release
No, 1/4"-20 thread
DYH-66i: Spirit Level
DYH-66i: Tension Control
DYH-66i: Separate Panning Lock
DYH-66i: Tripod Mount Thread Size
DYH-66i: Height
1.65" (4.2 cm)
DYH-66i: Maximum Diameter
Platform: 2.59" (6.6 cm)
Base: 2.36" (6 cm)
DDP-64M: Load Capacity
22.04 lbs / 10 kg
DDP-64M: Thread Size
3/8"-16 (1/4"-20 adapter bushing is included)
DDY-64I: Clamp
DDY-64I: Thread
DPG-2416: Screw
DPG-2416: Mounting Thread
UNC 1/4"
DPG-2416: Length
9.44" (240 mm)
Groove length: 2.5"/3" (64 mm/76.5 mm)
DMP-200L: Mounting hole
DMP-200L: Clamp Style
DDH-03: Diameter
Top Base Diameter: 2.3" (58 mm)
Pan Base Diameter: 2.2" (57 mm)
DDH-03: Load Capacity
44.1lbs (20 kg)
DDH-03: Mounting Thread
DDH-03: Plate Type
Bottom AM-02 arca-swiss plate
DDH-03: Height
1.0" (26 mm)
DDY-58: Thickness
0.61" (15.5 mm)
DDY-58: Clamp
DDY-58: Thread
DMC-200L: Screw
DMC-200L: Clamp
Lever Release
DPL-01: Mounting Hole
DPL-01: Length
Horizontal: 4.33" / 110mm
Vertical: 3.14" / 80mm
DPL-01: Width
39mm / 1.53"
Kit: Maximum Load
22.04 lbs / 10 kg
DMC-200L: 200 x 68 x 39mm / 7.87 x 2.67 x 1.53"
DDY-58 (Dia. x L): 58 x 75mm / 2.28 x 2.95"
DMP-200: 39 x 215mm / 1.53 x 8.46"
DPG-2416 (W x H): 39 x 16mm / 1.53 x 0.62"
DDY-64I (Dia. x L x H): 64 x 81 x 15.5mm / 2.51 x 3.18 x 0.61"
DDP-64M (H x Dia.): 46 x 64mm / 1.81 x 2.51"
Kit: 3.31lbs / 1.50kg
DDY-58: 2.29oz / 64.92g
DDH-03: 4.4oz / 124.7g
DMP-200L: 190g / 6.70oz
DPG-2416: 6.84oz / 193.91g
DDY-64I: 2.82oz/ 80g
DDP-64M: 11.64oz / 330g
DYH-66i: 10.22oz / 289.73g
DMC-200L: 200g / 7.05oz
DPL-01: 75g / 2.64oz
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  • SunwayFoto DYH-66i Leveling Base
  • DDP-64M Indexing Rotator
  • DDY-64i Discal Clamp
  • DPG-2416 Multi-Purpose Rails
  • DMP-200L Nodal Slide
  • DDH-03 Panning Clamp
  • DDY-58 Discal Clamp
  • DMC-200 Vertical Clamp
  • DPL-01 L Bracket
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  • UPC Barcode: 6952512502142
  • Supplier Code: PANO-1
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