Tilta 19mm dovetail plate with shoulder support

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Key Features

  • Convert your Tilta rig into a portable shoulder rig
  • Arri standard dovetail plate
  • Maximum comfort
  • Standard rosettes on the handgrips

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The Tilta 19mm Universal Dovetail Shoulder Mount can help you convert your Tilta rig into a portable shoulder mounted camera support system.

It comes with an adjustable Arri standard dovetail plate, a conformable shoulder pad, and adjustable rosette handgrips. This versatile system is compatible with the Red One/MX and Red Epic/Scarlet camera rigs.

The Arri standard dovetail plate accepts the baseplate/bridgeplate of your Tilta rig. The dovetail design allows you to quickly attach or detach your rig by just sliding its baseplate along the dovetail plate. You can adjust the position of your rig along the plate to achieve precise weight adjustment and balance for the camera.

The shoulder pad is designed to give you maximum comfort during those long shoots. The position of the dovetail plate can be adjusted along the shoulder pad, so you can achieve the most comfortable configuration. Each adjustable rosette handgrip features adjustable thumbscrews at two contact points.

Standard rosettes on the handgrips allow you to easily adjust and achieve the desired position. The rubberized handgrips ensure you have a firm grip on your system. In addition, multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8;-16 mounting points allow you to mount accessories almost anywhere on your system.  

Compatible with Tilta Red One/MX and Tilta ES-T01 Red Epic/Scarlet Camera Rig Adjustable dovetail plate for quick attachment and detachment of your rig Dovetail plate position can be adjusted along the shoulder pad Adjustable rosette handgrips with thumbscrews for adjustment Multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points for attaching accessories.

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Compatibility Tilta Red One/MX Camera Rig Tilta ES-T01 Red Epic/Scarlet Camera Rig Accessory Mounting 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 holes

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  • Supplier Code: TT-0506-A19
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